How NextGen Works

NextGen is an evaluation camp exclusively for middle school athletes. This year we are evaluating 6th , 7th , 8th (newly added for 2017) 9th grade athletes (graduating  2020, 2021, 2022, 2023).

Because we are evaluating middle school athletes who are at various stages of development – we evaluate players in four different areas. Each of our events have four segments – Combine, Position Evaluations, Controlled 1 on 1’s, and Showcase 1 on 1’s (The Battle).


We feel it is necessary to get some basic measurables including height and weight. We also test athletes in the Pro Shuttle (5-10-5), L-Drill (abbreviated 3-Cone), Push-up s (30 seconds), 40 yard dash , 20 yard dash , & Standing Broad Jump .

Individual Position Drills

Athletes are evaluated in their chosen position drills on skills specifically related to the position. We strongly suggest athletes choose a position that best highlights their abilities. Our showcase camps are not designed for athletes to participate in positions that they are learning or are not best suited for their skill set and physical attributes. Rather athletes should choose a position that they can compete at their absolute best.

Controlled 1 on 1’s

In the first phase of competitive 1 on 1’s we try to match athletes by grade, size and abilities demonstrated during the first two phases. Because we are committed to making our events as safe as possible, athletes are required to wear a mouth piece. Athletes can wear their own mouth piece or use the mouth piece provided by NextGen through our partner Battle Sports Science. With the exception of Quarterbacks, all athletes must wear the 7 on 7 soft helmet that we provide . Although injuries may happen – we strive to create the safest possible environment for our participants to compete.

Showcase 1 on 1’s (The Battle)

The final phase of the evaluation process is our Showcase 1 on 1’s – where evaluators and coaches select the best players from their position groups to compete against each other. For example, if an evaluator feels an exceptional younger players  can compete against an exceptional 8th or 9th graders he will be given the opportunity during this segment of the NextGen Showcase.

How are athletes selected to receive profiles and referred to our recruiting media partners

During our events you will notice two sets of evaluators/coaches working with athletes on the field. Sometimes we hire local coaches (Black Shirts) to assist in running drills and providing evaluations. In addition, we have a group of evaluators/coaches (Black or Silver Shirts) that travel from event to event. We recognize the potential conflicts of interest from local coaches – so the evaluations of the Silver Shirts – will have a higher weighting when it comes to our recommendations for a our Rising Stars 100 event and profiles with our recruiting website partners.

During each segment break coaches/evaluators you will notice the coaches huddling. The coaches submit the (camp) number of high performing athletes to our director Brent Williams, to allow him to watch them personally. Furthermore, at the end of the event all coaches (local & travelling) submit detailed evaluations to Mr. Williams. Mr. Williams then compiles all of the information from the combine, individual position drills and 1 on 1’s. He submits his recommendations to our media partners, and they select the athletes they feel are deserving of a profile.

This process usually takes about three or four days as they review results, evaluations and sometimes video clips (from our events) to support the selection. All phases factor into NextGen’s recommendations, however performance in position drills and 1 on 1’s have a greater impact on our selections. Based on our agreement with our media partners, there are no limits on the number of athletes we can recommend at each event. Our measurables are TRUSTED by college coaches and will NOT be compromised. We take this process very seriously and strive to execute it with integrity and professionalism.